Professor Hu Shaohua gives an advanced lecture on world politics to freshmen of social sciences


On the afternoon of September 19, 2023, Professor Hu Shaohua of Wagner College in New York, USA, was invited to give an advanced lecture on world politics with the topic of “Contemporary U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy - Based on Personal Experiences and Reflections” at the Gulou Campus, Nanjing University. The lecture was hosted by Associate Professor Li Lingqun of the School of International Studies, and was attended by more than 130 first-year social science students, as well as some faculty members and students of the School.

Professor Hu Shaohua firstly introduced his personal study and development background, and unfolded the basic lineage of China-US relations in recent decades from his personal experience. Then, he briefly analyzed the basic political, economic, cultural, and geographical resources of the United States, and vividly demonstrated to the students the pluralistic and diverse  characteristics of the American society.

Professor Hu Shaohua then introduced the basic policies of American domestic and foreign policy to the students. He pointed out that in American politics, the constitutional system represented by federalism and the separation of powers has basically remained unchanged, but the spirit of the times has changed greatly. Over recent years, changes in demographic composition, racial issues, sexual orientation issues, and religious issues have brought new shocks to the American society, which is an important reason for the current weakening of the elite system and the intensification of party politics.

Professor Hu Shaohua pointed out that the historical evolution of American diplomacy has gone through several major adjustments, which are closely related to the changes in the strength and international status of the United States. At present, the United States believes that its post-Cold War hegemonic status has been severely challenged, and is determined to engage in strategic competition with China. He concluded by summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the United States in the light of his personal experience of living in the United States for more than 30 years. He analysed the current political disputes, inflation and other problems facing the American society and their impacts on the general public.

Professor Hu Shaohua’s lecture is concise and eloquent, occasionallyelicits hearty t laughter from his classmates. At the end of the lecture, the students enthusiastically asked questions and raised questions about the separation of powers, judicial independence, and the US economy. Professor Hu answered each question one by one and praised the students for demonstrating strong independent thinking abilities. The lecture ended with enthusiastic applause from the students. (Text/ Li Lingqun, Translate/ Bao Yiwen)