On December 4, 2022, the School of International Studies at Nanjing University held a meeting for teachers and undergraduates of the 2021 Class in the Shengda Building. Yao Yuan, Deputy Dean of the School of International Studies; Zhao Guangrui, Director of the Department of International Politics; Li Lingqun, Associate Professor of the Department of International Politics, and other faculty members participated in the conference together with the undergraduate students of the Class of 2021. The head teacher of the Class of 2021, Chang Na, presided over the meeting. The cold wind was biting, but the discussions and exchanges in the classroom were bustling.

The students first introduced their basic information and areas of interest. Some were interested in the combination of diplomacy and sports, some were fascinated by the international concepts in Chinese traditional culture, some dreamed of working in international organizations, and others wanted to participate in aid programs to Africa.

Professor Yao Yuan hoped that while the students learn international Studies theory, they also pay attention to the study of international Studies history and Chinese political and diplomatic history. They should have a comprehensive understanding of the world and establish a deep sense of national identity. In response to the students' career aspirations, Professor Zhao Guangrui pointed out that the employment prospects for international politics majors are broad, and the doors to employment will continue to open wider. Students should closely connect their future research direction with their interests and hobbies. Professor Li Lingqun emphasized that international politics majors will definitely communicate with people from different countries and culturals. Through communication, they can understand each other's cultures and ways of thinking while showcasing their professional knowledge and comprehensive qualities. They can improve their abilities through empathetic understanding. Teacher Chang Na advised the students to work hard to learn professional knowledge, maintain rational thinking, and enhance their abilities to observe, analyze, and solve problems. As the head teacher, she said she would cooperate with the school to provide diversified guidance and suggestions for the students' academics, life, and scientific innovation.

At the end of the meeting, the teachers encouraged the students to enrich themselves in the coming years, pursue their own paths, and be the most energetic and vibrant group, showcasing the colors of the School of International Studies. Amid rounds of applause, the meeting for the Class of 2021 undergraduate students and teachers of the School of International Studies officially ended.