School of International Studies held Enrollment Talk on the Admission of International Politics Major Students


On 21 April, 2024, an enrollment lecture on the admission of international politics major students was held in the teaching building of Gulou Campus by the School of International Studies, Nanjing University. Professor Wang Yizhou of School of International Studies and Director of the Institute of Area Studies, Nanjing University, gave a lecture entitled “Why Study International Relations” to the prospective students of the class of 2023, demonstrating the charm of the major of International Politics and the unlimited possibilities of studying International Politics for the future. Professor Mao Weizhun, Director of the Department of Foreign and International Affairs, explained the research design, methodology and objectives of the research project “Normative Pressure, Power Transition and International Conflicts: An Explanation of Social Norms Model”, which enabled students to experience the professional perspectives and interdisciplinary features of International Politics.