Recruitment for Global Talents by the School of International Studies


The School of International Studies at Nanjing University is currently seeking outstanding talents worldwide, for positions including assistant professors, probationary associate professors, tenured associate professors, and professors.

I. Job Settings

Recruitment Positions: assistant professor / probationary associate professor / tenured associate professor / professor

Job Responsibilities: Teaching and research


II. Requirements for Applicants

1. Recruitment Directions: International Relations, International Politics, World Socialism, Chinese Politics and Diplomacy, Political Theory, Regional Studies, National Security Studies, Maritime Security and Governance, etc.

2. Engaged in international relations-related research and have academic publications, with research in relevant fields at the leading level domestically and internationally.

3. Have the ability to independently undertake at least one undergraduate core course in this discipline.

4. Hold a doctoral degree in Political Science and International Relations related majors from prestigious universities at home and abroad.

5. Have long-term work experience in international studies and research achievements, and possess good foreign language proficiency.

6. For high-level talent projects, please refer to Nanjing University's Human Resources Office webpage at


III. Application Materials

Interested applicants should submit a personal resume (in PDF format), scanned copies of academic credentials, and a list of research achievements via email. After being officially selected, other required materials should be submitted according to regulations. Salary and benefits are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.


Contact information:

Tel: 025-89680757 (Ms. Zhang)



School of International Studies

Nanjing University

September 22, 2022