"Check-in the Exercise, Fight the Epidemic, Celebrate the 120th Anniversary" – the SIS Branch of Communist Youth League Hosts 21-Day Check-in Event


During the epidemic, in order to encourage students to make good use of their time and engage in appropriate exercise during the campus lockdown, the School of International Studies branch of the Communist Youth League at Nanjing University organized the Check-in the Exercise, Fight the Epidemic, Celebrate the 120th Anniversary event from April 1 to April 21, 2022, which was successfully concluded!

During the event, the Late Spring Cold in Nanjing did not dampen the enthusiasm of the students. Everyone timely adjusted their exercise methods, persisted in participating in the check-in activities, and fully demonstrated the perseverance and spirit of never giving up among the students majoring in international Studies.

At some point, phrases like Are you going for exercise check-in tonight? and I haven't reached my step goal today seamlessly integrated into everyone's daily small talk. As night falls, the dim lights on the playground gradually light up, revealing the figures of our students majoring in international Studies. They jogged, took walks, chatted, or went to the court for an exhilarating game.


[Check-in activities]


Running not only enhances metabolism and strengthens immunity but also effectively improves sleep.


Gathering in groups, playing basketball with like-minded friends is an incredibly joyful experience.



Without the usual daily hard work, there would be no outstanding performances on the court. During the exercise check-in period, volleyball courts were also filled with students' diligent sweat.



The World Health Organization recognizes walking as the best exercise in the world, and during the exercise check-in period, it became one of the most popular exercise methods.

Rope Skipping:

Rope skipping is excellent for burning calories and helps with weight loss and fat reduction. Long-term persistence in jumping rope may yield surprising results.



The charm of hiking lies in the ability to overlook the landscape from a higher vantage point.


[Some reflections]

Cao Pengpeng, PhD student, Class of 2020

The 21-Day Exercise Check-in organized by the School is a very meaningful and necessary activity. During the epidemic, we must not slack off both our studies and health. I personally enjoy sports and fitness, which also provides me with a good physical and mental state. Rankings are not important, persistence is most valuable. I hope every student can have a good physique and mental outlook, and strive for the great rejuvenation of the motherland for another decade!


Chen Zhuo, Master's student, Class of 2019

I have been exercising intermittently before, but this is the longest time I've persisted in exercising. Although sometimes I only stretch for ten minutes due to writing papers, my mental state is different from when I don't exercise. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Without the accumulation of small streams, there can be no rivers and seas. Every little bit every day, I believe there will be a different self.


Fang Wenqing, Master's student, Class of 2020

Although I was ranked low in this check-in event, I started walking and exercising with my classmates and friends as the event drew to a close. From being exhausted after running at first to now following Liu Genghong's exercise routines without panting too much, I hope I can continue to maintain the good habit of daily exercise even after the event is over.


Guo Sunyue, Master's student, Class of 2020

Although 21 days is not long, it has helped me break away from a sedentary lifestyle, develop a habit of continuous exercise, and made the difficult days of campus lockdown less monotonous. Although the check-in event has ended, I hope my exercise will not stop!