Youth, Struggle, and Sweat: Military Training and Orientation Meeting for Freshmen of Class 2021 of the School of International Studies


It was August in Nanjing. The sky was high and the clouds were light. Camo colors were seen at every corner of the campus and every student’s facial appearance conveyed a sense of youthfulness and vibrancy. Here, the undergraduates of the 2021 class started their military training. A total of 18 students from the School of International Studies were assigned to the Fourth Platoon of the First Company in the Fourth Battalion and the Fifth Platoon of the Fifth Company in the Second Battalion, marking the beginning of a 14-day military training program.

Every morning, every evening, starting with standing at attention, at ease, turning in place, and marching, students engaged in training with their best mental state under the guidance and instructions of the instructors. Through repeated practice and powerful calls, all of us did not only satisfy the basic requirements for soldiers, “strict enforcement” and testified our vows with a unified pace and slogan. Although there were intermittent drizzle and scorching sunshine, our instructors and supervisors ensured our rest and safety with their hardworking spirit and cautious military style.

In addition to regular queue training, other rich and colorful items were also included in this military training program. Students learned practical, professional skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, AED operation, and the Heimlich method in emergency rescue training; sensed the resilience of soldiers during the crawling and shooting training and incorporated the passion of youth into every simple, powerful action in learning the military sports fist and the capture fist. By listening to the general’s lecture, we acquired a deeper understanding of the arduous journey of our predecessors, which inspired our sincere admiration. By overcoming difficulties in military orientation, we trained our physical and intellectual abilities.

Noticeably, the First Company of the First Battalion, which the female students of our school were assigned to, also held events such as query display and talent display in the company. Everyone actively participated in these events, showcasing their versatile and positive style. In the social gathering and briefing events held by the Fifth Company of the Second Battalion, the poetry recitation and song presentation by students of our school also received unanimous praise from everyone. During the parade presentation on September 2, everyone held their heads high and kicked in step. Reviewing the 14 days of hard efforts and friendship harvest, we got prepared to march toward a more brilliant tomorrow.

After the end of the military training, the freshmen came to Room 105, Shengda Building, to participate in their first faculty-student meeting. At the beginning of this meeting, everyone took their seats and formed a circle, which symbolized a successful learning life in the following three years. All students came to the center of the circle and introduced themselves in the game “Strong Wind Blowing”. Everyone presented their personality traits and interests before others amid laughter, invisibly becoming familiar with each other. In the second link of this meeting, the students randomly selected red flower cards, colorful macarons, children on the swing, people by the sea beach, cats in the rain…Everyone expressed their thoughts on life through photos and aspired to spend an unforgettable college life, living up to the best years.

In the end, all students received a package materials thoughtfully prepared by the school. Shengda Building would witness everyone’s newfound vitality and confidence and also the three-year growth featuring mutual companionship. All students of the 2021 class are sincerely expected to move toward an even broader international stage and write their beautiful and brilliant chapters amid good luck and victory.